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Photograph: Brett Myers/Youth Radio

It’s irritating that individuals are nonetheless utilizing “homosexual” or “lesbian” to insult or describe clothes. Like…how will you gown like a sexuality?

Hawaiian shirts was my favourite issues to put on. That’s, till my good friend appeared me up and down, raised an eyebrow, and mentioned, “You gown like a lesbian.”

For the remainder of the day, I felt horrible. All I might take into consideration was whether or not my model was too tomboyish. I questioned, “Ought to I begin sporting extra clothes and making use of make-up?”

Though I knew it’s ridiculous to explain a mode with a sexuality, I fixated on her phrases. I’m disenchanted in myself for being so affected by it. Being advised I gown like a lesbian means nothing. The remark relies on inaccurate stereotypes and outdated beliefs.

By letting myself get so affected by her phrases I inadvertently strengthened her flawed considering–that being homosexual may be an insult or a vogue assertion. In actuality, that type of remark has no that means by any means.

So as an alternative of fixing my wardrobe, I’m altering my mentality. And I can’t wait to put on my Hawaiian shirts once more.